Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hot Prom Looks from Zoya Nail Polish

Prom is just around the corner and many girls are focusing most of their energy on the perfect dress and the red carpet hairstyle they are going to recreate. When it comes down to getting their mani they walk into the salon and just pick a color off of the rack- nothing is wrong with that, but Zoya Nail Polish is here to give you the knowledge to help you pick the perfect color and to tell you about all of the other great things you can do with your nails.

First thing first is that you have to know what look you are going for. The top hot ones are Romantic, Old Hollywood, and Daring. All of them are pretty self-explanatory, so let’s get down to business. If you are going for the Romantic look your make-up will be neutral, sweet colors like soft corals, pinks, or light browns. Your nail polish can mimic the same color palette and give off that very Marie Antoinette in a field vibe, but your polish can be something more special. For instance instead of going for a typical French manicure make the tips sparkly or use a polish with a duochrome undertone. If you are not into French manicures look for polishes that embody that romantic, whimiscal look. This leaves many color options for you pink (being the most obvious), corals, purples, peaches, and blues- look for creams and pastels and stay away from strong sparkles and metallics.

For simple French Manicure tips: Zoya Purity, Zoya Juliette, and Zoya Lucy.
For more creative French Manicure Tips: Zoya Celeste, Zoya Snowsicle, Zoya Glimmer, Zoya Shimmer, and Zoya Dovey, or Zoya Danielle.

 For Romantic Manicure colors: Zoya Willow, Zoya Bailey, Zoya Jessika, Zoya Lulu, Zoya Elodie, Zoya Cassi, Zoya Zara, Zoya Heather, or Zoya Jo.

The first thing most people think of when they hear the words Old Hollywood make-up is a bold red lip. So a typical nail color for this look would be a red nail and the great thing about red is that it goes with almost everything. You can pair it with a bijillion dresses. The classic red is never out of style, but remember you have a huge spectrum of reds to choose from.

                                                                                       Image from Nail'd & Polish'd
If you think a classic red color is not enough for you there is one way to make this look  more special and that is by wearing a matte nail. No Matter if it is in red or black, matte is a very Old Hollywood look that is really fashion forward. 
For a Red Manicure: Zoya Carmen, Zoya Maura, Zoya Gia, Zoya Sasha, or Zoya Dominque.

For a Matte Manicure: Zoya Posh, Zoya Dovima, Zoya Loredana, Zoya Savita, Zoya Veruschka, or Zoya Harlow.
The Last major look for prom this year is Daring. Being daring means wearing a short dress with sequins on it or wearing a dress that has a crazy pattern on it, anything that is not typical prom. Your nails should also represent a brand new, edgy look by either using a unique color ( think Zoe Kravitz at the Met Ball) or creating a crazy nail look- like a really colorful French manicure. The color combo French Manicure is very high fashion and you will look editorial fabulous wearing it! 

For a Bright Manicure: Zoya Paz, Zoya Tobi, Zoya Pippa, or Zoya Tangy.

For a Minx  Like Manicure: Zoya Richelle or Zoya Trixie.

For a colorful French Manicure: Combo of Zoya Goldie with Zoya Ibiza or Zoya Yasmeen, Zoya Pippa with Zoya Lo, or Zoya Midori with Zoya Tart.

So ladies when you go to pick out your polish at the salon give it a bit of thought. Make your nails special. If you want to find a salon near you that carries Zoya go to our website click on salon locator and simply type in your zip code. If you do not have a salon close that has Zoya Nail Polish most salons will let you bring in you own polish. Happy nails make a happy Prom!

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