Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zoya Swatch Till You Drop

There are 300 plus Zoya Nail Polish colors. So it's understandable that you might become overwhelmed when trying to find the colors that are right for you, but never fear there are lots of bloggers out there to help you! Recently many bloggers have been posting  Zoya swatches to help people pick out the colors they want for the Zoya Polish Exchange, but you can use this wonderful resource to help you at anytime.  Here are three blogs that have stepped up their game,

First is Scrangie-  She swatched 34 colors. Below is Zoya Anne and Zoya Brie. You can see the others here.
 Secondly is Nail Fanatic- She swatched 7 colors. Below is Zoya Charity and Zoya Alix. You can see the rest here.
Thirdly is Laquer Laine- She swatched 29 colors. Below is Zoya Savita and Zoya Posh. You can see the rest here.
All of the fairies want to give a big thank you to the above bloggers and all of the other bloggers who are showing great Zoya Nail Polish swatches!

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