Friday, April 16, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish creates a Mermaid!

The new Zoya Nail Polish Sparkle collection for Summer 2010 contains 6 beautiful shimmery polishes: Zoya Mimi, Zoya Alegra, Zoya Ivanka, Zoya Gilda, Zoya Nihdi, and Zoya Charla.  Here at Zoya we find it hard to select the polish that we love the most, but there is one that is really turning heads of late - Charla!

Charla is our Mermaid.  She captivates all with her sea like sparkling color and makes any girl feel like an enchanting beauty. Blogs like Polish Mayhem are finding themselves head over heels for Charla:

"Zoya Charla is, in my opinion, the masterpiece. It's like looking at tropical waters. It's an absolutely stunning teal my camera could not do justice."
Polish Mayhem

Charla's mermaid like quality is becoming a huge fashion trend.  High end designers like Tory Burch, Alexander McQueen, Notte by Marchesa, and Kenneth Jay Lane  have all put out items that seem to have come from the ocean itself. So ladies jump in to this mermaidy trend head first and get ready for a summer at  the sea!

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