Friday, April 9, 2010

It's true love at Zoya Nail Polish for Summer 2010!

"We had no idea she cared so much... This is our first proposal of any kind. As anyone in our situation would be we are touched by this outpouring of affection" Zoya Nail Polish responded today to the unexpected online proposal from blogger Legra of Lacquered Literati. At this time it is unknown if Zoya will accept the proposal but it is becoming obvious that Zoya Nail Polish is now "quite the playa",  is involved with many women and is considering mulitple offers from reality producers to find True Love (or at least a cheap fling) on TV at this time. Recent reports claim that getting nailed by Zoya Nail Polish is the BEST EVER!

(Just kidding on that last part - get it - nail polish on nails = get nailed).

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