Friday, October 23, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish Facebook Promotion

Become a fan of Zoya Nail Polish on Facebook for a chance to win FREE Zoya Truth & Dare Samplers.

We would like to say thank you to all our Zoya Facebook Fans by giving 20 randomly picked fans a set Zoya Truth and Dare Samplers.

Winners will be selected randomly from all individuals that are fans of Zoya Nail Polish at 4 PM ET on 10/26/09 and will be posted on the Wall on Monday, 10/26/09 5:30 PM ET. Tell your freinds and spread the word.

Scrangie Blog - Zoya Nail Polish Swatch-O-Matic!

Zoya Nail Polish made a guest appearance in a great fall nail color beauty segment on a Morning show earlier this week. Later that day, Scrangie provided swatches galore to help viewers decide just what beautiful color they wanted for the limited time offer* made on the show. * promo offer has expired

Take a look at all the beautiful, long-wearing Zoya Colors - Anastasia, Aria, Bebe, Evangeline, Eve, Ginger, Harmonie, Irene, Juno, Kaufda, Kierra, Marry J, Milla, Odeilia (Odilia), Paris, Sienna, SoHo Punch, Sparkle Gloss Topcoat, Tama, Tosca, Vegas Freeze and Venus!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get the Zoya Nail Polish & Treatment "Cure"

Located - a great Zoya Manicure and Pedicure in Brooklyn, NY where clients can benefit from the owner's passion for fashion (she's a former stylist and media maven!). Cure Beauty Bar brings you top notch services using Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments (they use the entire Zoya Color Lock System, so you know that beautiful Zoya color will last and last).
Schedule your star treatment service at Cure Beauty Bar today and let 'em know you heard about it from us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Great Zoya Nail Polish Hauls on YouTube

Great reviews of big Zoya Nail Polish Hauls on YouTube. No longer just a high end salon, editorial manicurist and beauty editor favorite, it looks like Zoya's reputation as the must-have, long-wearing, fashion forward, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Pthalate and Camphor free Nail Polish formula is really out there now. Zoya is the new color of fashion.

Find more YouTube reviews in our favorites on our Zoya Nail Polish YouTube page

Including... Zoya Dare Collection by AllThatGlitters21
and Zoya UltraGlitters, Zoya MatteVelvets for Winter and Zoya Areetha by twixtbetwixt

Zoya Nail Polish on set with today

First the runways of NYFW and now look at Zoya workin' it on yet another high fashion set (Zoya MatteVelvet in Dovima shown).

We don't brag about it much but Zoya is the brand of choice for many of today's top editorial manicurists like the avant garde Rica Romain whose editorial work has appeared in some of the worlds most fabulous artistic publications. This particular shoot is still too top secret to spill any more about right now...

Zoya is the new color of fashion!

More Nail Polish Raving for the new Zoya UltraGlitters

It's that time of year when everyone stops thinking about being practical and just wants to have a bit of fun again.YEAH! Zoya Nail Polish has your nail color fun nailed in it's new UltraGlitter Collection (Luna, Astra and Nova). And this batch of colors is really loaded with glitter - it's like jewelry for your fingertips! Check out the rave reviews to SEE just how bright this trio of sparkling Zoya UltraGlitters really is.

"Zoya has, once again, totally impressed me. Each of these polishes have a ton of glitter and a base color to match. The base colors are super sheer or translucent and compliment the glitter perfectly."

Note: Ther is also a nice look at Zoya's beautiful, metallic red nail polish for fall, Isla and the dusty pink Angel on Nail'd & Polish'd here.

Zoya UltraGlitter Nail Polish is blingtastic!

Desscribed in this lastest blog posting as "super glittery and blingtastic", the latest fashion trend look from Zoya Nail Polish, the UltraGlitter Collection is really starting to catch on. Are you a Luna Gal (Silver UltraGlitter), a Astra Babe (Pinky Peach UltraGlitter) or a Nova Hottie (Magenta UltraGlitter)... all three our outta this world "blingtastic" beauties!

"Overall I like this collection. They are really cool, and would look great layered over other colors as well. If you like glitter, then you’ll love these!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zoya Harlow, Savita and Veruschka shine even though they are mattes

Zoya's latest collection of mattes - Zoya MatteVelvet Winter Collection (Savita, Harlow and Veruschka) - is a winner. They are shipping and they are gorgeous. Even if we do say so ourselves...

Note: vampy's comment that the green Veruschka is not as matte was due to an early sample batch. The shipping formulation has been adjusted and it's as matte as the rest now.

"Clearly Zoya gets an A+ on this collection from me. These are the most interesting matte colors I have seen yet and I will be wearing all of them both with and without a top coat a lot this season I suspect."

Zoya Nail Polish is a part of Nails Night Out!

Zoya Nail Polish is proud to be a part of the first Nails Night Out event in NYC. Traveling the nation, Nails Night Out will stop in multiple cities to fulfill their mission of spreading color and beauty to the world.

For more event information visit...