Friday, May 22, 2009

Its No Surprise Zoya's Malia is Perfect for Summer!

Look for Zoya Nail Polish on the pages of the June 1, 2009 Life & Style Weekly. In the "Summer's Surprising Polishes" feature they single out Zoya's Malia as one of the shades that is perfect for darker skin tones. This violet cream is part of the Twist spring 2009 collection.

Need a different shade of purple to compliment your skin tone? If you have fair skin try Zoya's Hope, a magenta with a metallic shimmer finish. If you are looking for the perfect shade for olive and medium skin tones try Zoya's Juicy. Its a rich royal purple cream that is sure to grab attention.

Zoya Jennifer Graces the Pages of Ladies Home Journal

Zoya Nail Polish is featured twice in the June 2009 issue of Ladies Home Journal! Take a look at Paula Abdul's lovely light brown nails. Editorial Manicurist Jackie Saulsbery chose Zoya's Jennifer to give her a perfect manicure. This pale brown cream has gilded metallic highlights. It perfectly compliments both looks in the article making it a versatile and classic choice for nail color. And its one of Zoya's best sellers!

Zoya is Pretty in Pink in Ladies Home Journal

Zoya Nail Polish makes the pages of Ladies Home Journal in the June 2009 issue. Zoya's Jessika is singled out as a pretty pink for your fingers and toes in the "What A Pair" feature. Rather than going for a "matchy-matchy" look try to pair 2 colors for your fingertips and toes that compliment each other. Pair Zoya's Jessika with a bright pink such as Zoya's Kali.

If pink is not your thing try a pairing of silver grays such as Zoya's Freja, a metallic gunmetal for your tips and Zoya's Trixie with a silver foil finish for your toes.

Don't forget to keep your color lasting longer with the Zoya Color Lock System. Start with Remove+ to take off old nail polish, clean your nail and prepare it for your new color. Then apply the Zoya Anchor base coat followed by 2 coats of your favorite Zoya Nail Polish color. Next apply one coat of Zoya Armor top coat to protect your nail color. Complete your manicure and pedicure with the Hurry Up Fast Drying Drops to help your nail polish dry fast.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Newly Declared Holiday: Zoya Big Ring Day

Q: What happens when an Italian Beauty/Cosmetics Distributor, a Zoya Color Specialist, a Zoya Sale Representative and the Zoya Marketing Department all wear the same look to a big meeting?

A: A new Zoya trend - Big rings with great color... Try Katy with a black and white faux stone flower to get a look that's really Ooh-la-la!!!

Join us and wear a big ring with your Zoya color today.

Zoya's La-Di-Da & Ooh-La-La on Mischo Beauty

Our loyal bloggers have been working overtime! Zoya's 2 collections for summer 2009 are showcased on Mischo Beauty this week. Head on over to her blog to see La-Di-Da and Ooh-La-La. Not only does she love the names she loves Zoya's Paz (which is featured on her nails).

Zoya Nail Polish's La-Di-Da is a collection of 6 stunning, bright cream colors including Paz (orange), Pippa (yellow), Renee and Ali (2 intense pinks), Dita and America (2 reds).

Ooh-La-La has 6 metallic shades including Katy (vibrant pink), Midori (bright green), Tallulah (bright blue), Goldie (gold), Ginessa (white) and Emme (soft pink).

Don't forget the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange is ending on June 1st. Trade in your old nail polishes (anything but Zoya) and choose from our huge collection of over 300 shades.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish is Famous!

Zoya Nail Polish was featured in Australia's Famous Magazine. Zoya's Raven can be found in the May 18th, 2009 issue. Designer Marc Jacobs revisits the 80s and black nail polish makes the list. This black has a bit of shimmer to give a modern twist on a classic shade.

Zoya Nail Polish is the new color of fashion. It is formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and camphor free making it both safe and stylish. Try any of Zoya's 300+ shades in a variety of metallics, shears, creams and frosts.

Keep up to date with all of the Zoya info you need here & on our twitter page. Follow us at Zoya_NailPolish.

Zoya Nail Polish Wreaks Polish Mayhem

Polish Mayhem is a great new nail polish blog everyone should know about. Check out Zoya Nail Polish everyday for the month of May. A different color is being showcased for the "Month of Zoyas". There is definitely a color for everyone.

Check out a few of her selections below including: Zoya Tallulah, Zoya Sienna, Zoya Midori and Zoya Audrina.

Don't forget to try out the La-Di-Da and Ooh-La-La summer 2009 collections! Beach and bikini season is here. Get your toes and fingertips in tip-top shape and keep your polish in place with the Zoya Color Lock System.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding Day Looks with Zoya Nail Polish

Wedding season is here. Your nail polish can complete the perfect bridal look. A few posts ago the Zoya staff shared some ideas for white dresses. Now here our the picks for an ivory or off-white wedding gown.

Yellowish whites with gold tones are perfect. Of course shear pinks or pale peaches will do as well at the classic french manicure. If you want a bit of glimmer and color try Zoya Nail Polish's Jolie, a shear warm ivory with metallic highlights.

Red is always romantic so try a vampy, rich red for a more dramatic look. Zoya's Janice is a rich red with subtle metallic shimmer. Its a look that is sure to get attention.

Try the Zoya Color Finder to sort through our 300+ shades to get that picture perfect look for you and your bridesmaids!