Monday, November 9, 2009

The Zoya MatteVelvet French Manicure

Loving matte nail color? Looking for a way to make it extra special? Want to extend the wear?

Here's a beautiful way to keep your color on longer and give it that extra WOW factor.
Try the Zoya MatteVelvet French Manicure...

1. Clean and prep nail plate with Zoya Remove +.

2. Apply one coat of Zoya Get Even Basecoat (It's milky matte finish works with matte colors).

3. Apply two coats of your favorite Zoya MatteVelvet shade (Posh shown).

4. Apply a thin "French Tip" of Zoya Armor Topcoat over the nail tip. Make sure to wrap the Armor over the top and around the back of the nails free edge to extend your color wear.

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