Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Nail Polish Raving for the new Zoya UltraGlitters

It's that time of year when everyone stops thinking about being practical and just wants to have a bit of fun again.YEAH! Zoya Nail Polish has your nail color fun nailed in it's new UltraGlitter Collection (Luna, Astra and Nova). And this batch of colors is really loaded with glitter - it's like jewelry for your fingertips! Check out the rave reviews to SEE just how bright this trio of sparkling Zoya UltraGlitters really is.

"Zoya has, once again, totally impressed me. Each of these polishes have a ton of glitter and a base color to match. The base colors are super sheer or translucent and compliment the glitter perfectly."

Note: Ther is also a nice look at Zoya's beautiful, metallic red nail polish for fall, Isla and the dusty pink Angel on Nail'd & Polish'd here.

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