Monday, June 22, 2009

The Zoya Nail Polish Riddle

This riddle stumps most new hires at AOB. See if you can guess the answer.

One day a corporate spy stole Zoya Nail Polish seasonal colors for the following year. After being caught by the Nail Polish Police, the culprit was brought to trial. The judge, a wise and intelligent fan of Zoya Nail Polish, decided to be lenient and not sentence the 25 year old spy to life in bad nail color prison. Instead, she felt a more appropriate sentence would be to sentence the culprit to one half of their remaining life bad nail color prison (the culprit would have gotten away with a warning, but had a competitors polish on when arriving to court).

How can the sentence be carried out so that the culprit spends as close to one half of their remaining life in bad nail color prison as possible?

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