Friday, May 22, 2009

Zoya is Pretty in Pink in Ladies Home Journal

Zoya Nail Polish makes the pages of Ladies Home Journal in the June 2009 issue. Zoya's Jessika is singled out as a pretty pink for your fingers and toes in the "What A Pair" feature. Rather than going for a "matchy-matchy" look try to pair 2 colors for your fingertips and toes that compliment each other. Pair Zoya's Jessika with a bright pink such as Zoya's Kali.

If pink is not your thing try a pairing of silver grays such as Zoya's Freja, a metallic gunmetal for your tips and Zoya's Trixie with a silver foil finish for your toes.

Don't forget to keep your color lasting longer with the Zoya Color Lock System. Start with Remove+ to take off old nail polish, clean your nail and prepare it for your new color. Then apply the Zoya Anchor base coat followed by 2 coats of your favorite Zoya Nail Polish color. Next apply one coat of Zoya Armor top coat to protect your nail color. Complete your manicure and pedicure with the Hurry Up Fast Drying Drops to help your nail polish dry fast.

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