Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish Collection: Twist - Perfect Formula and Great Color Review

Zoya Twist - An Awesome Nail Polish Collection for Spring 2009!

The first Blogger Review is in and it's a winner.

"Overall, this is a strong collection. Three feminine colors for the traditionalists and three unique colors for the hardcore nail people like us. I am quite pleased at that trade-off. Normally spring collections are very blah for me, but this one is different. I can foresee Harley being a big favorite with everyone. I'm already wearing Jo and I can't stop looking at my fingers.The formula on these is top notch. All of them were the perfect texture and didn't even hint at giving me a problem. They were all smooth and perfect without having that gooey, drippy three-free texture. No issues in the formula department."

Zoya Nail Polish in Harley:
This color is awesome! It's a light shimmering concrete grey with just a hint of coppery sparkle."
Zoya Nail Polish in Jo:
"Dreamy overcast blue. It really says spring to me"

Zoya Nail Polish in Malia:
"Love at first sight...Very springy- reminds me of Easter eggs! It's also not a bright purple shade- it's muted. Cloudy purple."

Zoya Nail Polish in Barbie:
"This pink says, "Yeah, I like girly pink, you got a problem with that?""

Zoya Nail Polish in Cassi:
"This would make a really cute pedicure. Cassi has that pretty Zoya shimmer that I love- it's like tiny little crystal flakes!"

Zoya Nail Polish in Moxie:
It's a rich crushed-berry creme... this is a beautiful color!"
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