Thursday, January 15, 2009

Must see TV: John Corbett painting Toni's Collette's toes with Zoya Nail Polish

We have to admit that when our friend (who just happens to be the makeup department head on Showtime's new series, United States of Tara) told us about a scene where Max (John Corbett) paints Tara's (Toni Collette's) toes we were a bit jealous and totally excited… Well the pilot is available now and it’s true. Yes, he really paints her toes and yes, it really is Zoya nail polish in Indigo that he paints them with!!! Check out the clip below… which has us still excited and now seriously jealous of T (aka Tara, Alice and Buck).

Note to Showtime: John Corbett can practice painting Zoya on our toes anytime!

Visit Showtime now for a free preview of the show.

Zoya Hot Lips are also used as props (see them in the introduction to "T" scene) and by the makeup department for United States of Tara, which has been picked up and added to the official Showtime lineup.

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