Monday, December 8, 2008

Zoya wins best nail polish... 9 AM Beauty Awards


Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer has been awarded the title of best nail polish by the 9AM BEAUTY AWARDS (9 AM with David and Kim - AU, morning show).

The 9 AM beauty award winners were selected based on price and value, packaging, ease of use, performance and innovation.

Beauty expert Dhav Naidu says “Women, go buy this range… it's by Zoya it's DBP free, toluene free and formaldehyde free... Once you start using Zoya you’ll never look back… and the (Zoya) color range is amazing” and " doesn't chip to easy"

Plus, it's a great buy! At just $6.00 per 0.5 oz bottle (U.S.), Zoya delivers the longest wearing fashion nail color (over 300 to choose from) at the best price.

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