Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eureka - The smart choice for natural nails is smart choice for gel nails too!

Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer - The smart choice for natural nails is the smart choice for gel nails too!

Preliminary testing has shown that Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer is the only nail polish that can substitute expensive color nail gels when mixed with a single phase clear UV gel systems or painted over a UV multi-phase gel foundation directly and then sealed with a final UV gel coat for long-lasting nail color results.

Salon and spa professionals will be able to increase color options for their clients while controlling inventory costs of stocking costly colored gels. Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer bottles sell for 1/10th the salon price of a typical jar of gel color. Now, the same color can be used in both natural and gel nail services. The savings potential of this new discovery could be tremendous for nail care professionals and their clients making Zoya as powerful to nail techs as aspirin is to doctors.
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Here’s how it works…

Single Phase Gel System:

Prep the nail for gels as instructed, apply primer, followed by one thin layer of UV clear gel creating the base. Cure 2 minutes.

In a small pot, mix the customer’s preferred Zoya polish shade (40%) with the gel (60%). Apply this second thicker layer of Zoya tinted UV clear gel building the arch of the nail as desired. Cure for 3 minutes.

OrMulti Phase Gel System:

Paint Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer directly onto an already sculpted UV gel nail surface. Cure for 5 minutes.

Apply a third thin layer of UV clear gel and cure.
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According to European and Japanese nail technicians this process works for natural nail overlays, sculpted nails or tips only applications. Zoya Professional Lacquers are formaldehyde free, toluene free, dbp free, camphor free and designed to wear up to 10 days on natural nails. Unique in every way!

Disclaimer - While this new discovery using Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer is exciting, Art of Beauty (makers of Zoya) does not endorse gel systems and does not endorse or guarantee the results of mixing Zoya Professional Nail Lacquers with UV clear gel products or any other artificial nail systems.

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