Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diva Village names Zoya's Sloane as one of it's top purple picks!

Diva Village talks about the Purple Nail Polish Craze and includes Zoya's Sloane as a top pick...

"Have you noticed that along with purple eye makeup shades, purple nail polish is also a big hit for fall and winter 2008? The Hills girls, the Lipstick Jungle ladies and Karen from Dirty, Sexy Money have all been spotted wearing purple-toned nail color this season.

Purple is actually a highly wearable nail color, as it comes in shades from lightest lavender to the darkest black purple, and each and every one looks stylish and very “of the moment.” If you’ve been wearing a lot of ultra-dark nail shades, then a light to medium shade of purple is a welcome change that will still leave you on the cutting edge of style
. Break out of your nail polish rut and try purple for the colder months!"
Diva Village Article Written By: Laura Miller

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