Friday, October 31, 2008

Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer - Flourish Collection Review

If you want a great look at Zoya's gorgeous new Flourish collection (Richelle, Zara, Shivon, Mieko, Cyma and Kalista) check out this in depth blogger review by Scrangie.

"Overall, this is one gorgeous collection. I love the Zoya shimmer- it's not really chunky, but it's this sort of visible particle that looks like crushed shells or maybe that edible glitter made of gelatin... Hard to describe, but the polishes that have it are all mesmerizing. In this case, it's golden shimmer and it looks really fantastic in sunlight.

These all applied very well, very smooth and no application problems at all. I only used two coats of polish for these pictures, but Mieko and Zara would probably look better with three. None of these stained my fingers after removal, and none left shimmer behind.

"I have no complaints!I have a feeling that Kalista is going to become a cult favorite. It's my second favorite of the collection (Richelle is my number one pick!) and it's a color I can see myself wearing all the time."

"Richelle. Gorgeous metallic gold. In my opinion, this is the best gold that's been released by any company in a long time. It is reminiscent of Dior Golden Nugget. It's smooth but super-sparkly. This is not a subtle gold, this is FIERCE!"
Scrangie, Scrangie Blog

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