Friday, October 10, 2008

Paris for President? It's not over yet!

Socialite and hotel chain heiress (Paris) or US Senate member (John McCain or Barack Obama) for President - you decide.

A new wave of media coverage puts the pink candidate back in the news.

In her new video (via, fake presidential candidate Paris declares she is "seeking the advice of one of our greatest fake presidents" (AKA Martin Sheen). The celebrity presidential candidate who is ", totally ready to lead", also recently sat down with Harpers Bazaar to discuss her "Hilton doctrine", including her fashionable plans to paint the White House pink, name Rihanna as her VP and wear only American designers (we assume that includes Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer).

So with all this information in mind it's time to cast your (fake) vote!
Go to the Zoya Polish Poll to show us your true colors.

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