Friday, October 31, 2008

New Zealand Loves Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer!

Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer is popular worldwide - New Zealands Nail Juice provides informative, detailed color reviews that every nail polish fan can enjoy.

Recently featured Zoya nail colors include Starla, and Meadow.

"I bet you love this colour don't you? This is Zoya's Starla. Four coats, no topcoat and no chips after a heavy duty day of hammering my nails. Not literally of course. Starla has won itself a place in my top polish list filed away in my heart. It has exceeded my expectations!"

"This colour is amazing! So bright and alluring to look at. I couldn't keep my eyes off Morgan when I was sewing today, hence why I had so many accidents n_n;(...) So I looked up Morgan on Zoya's website to see which collection it came from and they didn't have it listed so I'm thinking maybe its in their main collection. So it's readily available for you!"

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