Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paris nails 15.4% of the vote, how will this effect the overall “(Nail) Polish Poll” results?

With one week of polling behind us, the results are (un)official and currently showing Presidential candidates Obama and McCain each scratching for the finger nail lead and surprise candidate Paris holding her own at a respectable 15.4 percent (Hmmmm… maybe one of the guys should have considered her for a running mate.). With thousands of votes already logged in at, the results change with every passing hour.

It’s not too late to vote! Between now and Oct. 31 beauty product junkies across the U.S. can cast their “(Nail) Polish Poll Vote” for the candidate of their choice. Make your voice heard by going to It’s totally unofficial, totally fun, plus you can get FREE ZOYA NAIL POLISH!

Each vote will reveal a special code and provide a shopping link. Just spend $20 or more online at or to receive three FREE bottles of Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer. Not those teeny, weeny little sample bottles either – these are full-sized bottles in your choice of more than 300 healthy, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate free colors! What a deal!

We’ll keep posting the results on a minute-by-minute basis. Just check back to and click the “show updated results” link.

In the end, everyone wins when they choose Zoya!

*No purchase necessary to vote.

**$20 online purchase from or required for FREE Polish offer. Offer not valid in conjunction with other discounts. Limit one per order. Offer expires 10/31/08. Valid on retail priced products only. Delivery in 2-6 weeks. Continental U.S. only. NEW collections excluded from The Polish Poll promotion deal.

Ask for Zoya nail lacquers at fine salons and spas or buy online at Available for $6.00 each.

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