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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How To: Noon by Noor Negative Space Nail Look for NYFW SS15

Rebecca Isa, Creative Director of Zoya, gives beauty reporter Celia San Miguel, of Sicka Than Average, the Noon By Noor nail look" how to" backstage at the SS15 New York Fashion Week show and talks about the negative space nail trend emerging for the season.

... the notion of open space was created by brushing on a coat of the Zoya Erin nail lacquer, a soft, sheer, and slightly shimmering beige shade, and then adding a half curve on the inside corner of the nail tip with the Zoya Cosmo Magical PixieDust nail lacquer, a glitzy silver hue. The idea was to create a very soft look that would offer a playful glint as models’ hands were illuminated under the runway lights and the glittery flecks of the Cosmo shade reflected that oncoming light. The shimmering adornment was made using free-hand movements so as not to be too rigid and Isa describes the shape as a “half chevron” but with a slightly more rounded edge thanks to the way the nails were filed. To offer a makeup equivalent of the nail look created, Isa drew the parallel of applying a sheer foundation as opposed to a more opaque formula and then applying a touch of lip gloss. Who knew minimalism could be so lovely? ~ Sicka Than Average

See more backstage beauty coverage from Noon By Noor, including a video interview with Zoya backstage here.

See more coverage of the lovely Zoya for Noon By Noor Nail Look on The Fashion Spot and on Stranded.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NYFW SS15 Nail Look Alert: The "Naked Teardrop", created by Zoya Creative Director, Rebecca Isa for Zimmermann, made use of negative space and Zoya Ziv (foiled gold nail polish) applied in a crescent shape.

For a "How To" on the look, hop on over to Stranded for a step by step.

To see more of Zoya Nail look for Zimmermann SS15 click here.

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In a non-related article the Chicago Tribune also recently ran a piece spotlighting Salon Hype, a Chicago area salon that is dedicated to eliminating products that contain potentially harmful ingredients.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Red Wine... Fall Nail Art using Zoya Nail Polish

Here's a great Fall Nail Look - The Red Wine Nail.

As nail trends move toward softer and more organic looking, this look is great for anyone looking to update their nails without having to worry about painting precise lines. It's a great DIY nail look solution.

Using similar wine nail polish colors in different finishes, Holly at The Trendy Nail, combined Zoya Claire (burgundy wine cream) with an accent layer of Zoya India (liquid metallic red with gold shimmer) over half of the nail to complete this monochromatic Red Wine Nail combo.

Visit The Trendy Nail for the step by step, "how to" for the look.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Fashion Cosmopolitan UK - Zoya Kristen

Check out Zoya Nail Polish in Kristen on the pages of UK Cosmopolitan Fashion - Fall Edition 2014!

Manicurist Emily Ryan achieved maximum impact by complimenting the striking eye look with Zoya Kristen, a wonderful gull gray, full-coverage nail polish, for the recent UK Cosmopolitan Fashion, "Easy on the Eye" editorial feature.

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